F-Chem is Fiber Glass System’s custom manufactured line of pipe and fittings. The pipe and fittings are designed specifically for the customer’s application and have special order products available.


F-Chem custom filament wound piping systems offer the economics of a highly corrosion and abrasion resistant pipe that can be designed to incorporate specific physical and mechanical properties. NOV Fiber Glass Systems can custom design systems for corrosion resistant barriers, resin systems, reinforced structural walls, joining techniques and even ribbed wall construction for high vacuum or burial conditions. F-Chem pipe and fittings are available in 14” through 72” diameters.

Features / Benefits

F-Chem pipe is light weight for ease of installation, offers superior corrosion resistance for long service life, provides high flow and low friction ratios, lowest total cost of ownership and ease of repair, modification and maintenance.



Size Range:
14″ – 72″

Inner Corrosion Barrier:
20 – 250 mil (based on specification and application)

Pressure Ratings:
150 psig / 10 bar

Filament wound with epoxy, vinyl ester or polyester resins and fiberglass roving

Temperature Range:
Up to 250°F/ 121°C

Flanged or Butt & Wrap

Chemical Service:
Water, brine, caustics, petroleum products, acids and many chemical waste streams


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