Z-Core pipe is a centrifugally cast fiberglass pipe with a 100 mil resin-rich liner. Z-Core products are a propriety thermosetting resin capable of enduring severe environments such as concentrated sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, hot caustic and mixtures of acids, solvents and bases.


Z-Core  pipe has outstanding corrosion resistance to aggressive solvents such as methylene chloride, acetone, dimethyl formamide, and chloroform. It also extends the boundaries for fiberglass piping in sulfuric acid service, up to 98%. It is especially designed for service in severe corrosion applications in the chemical process industry and other industrial plants.

Features / Benefits

The exceptional chemical resistance of Z-Core fiberglass reinforced pipe means a longer service life than pipe made of traditional materials, especially in aggressive solvents and acids.

The longer life means a reduction in maintenance and replacement costs. Compared to metallic piping systems, Z-Core pipe can be installed easier and faster, and heavy equipment is seldom required. A considerable savings on total installed cost may be achieved because less labor and equipment are needed.

Z-Core pipe offers the advantage of light weight. For example, 4” pipe weighs 3.5 lbs. per foot compared to 10.8 lbs. per foot for 4” Schedule 40 stainless steel pipe. Therefore, a 20 ft. length of Z-Core pipe weighs only 70 lbs. while the same length of Schedule 40 weighs 216 lbs. or three times the weight of Z-Core pipe.


Z-Core Proprietary curing agents coupled with a premium epoxy resin base gives Z-Core its outstanding corrosion resistance to aggressive solvents and concentrated acids. Currently available in 1” through 8” diameters, Z-Core pipe is rated for temperatures to 275°F and for pressures to 150 psig (higher pressures available on special request.)


Size Range:

Inner Corrosion Barrier:
100 mil

Pressure Ratings:
up to 150 psig / 10 bar

Centrifugally cast from a premium epoxy resin with proprietary curing agents

Temperature Range:
Up to 275°F/ 135°C

Straight Socket or Flanged 

Chemical Service:
Aggressive solvents–methylene chloride and acetone; corrosives such as 98% sulfuric acid


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