Understanding and targeting your needs motivated Fiber Glass Systems Engineers to develop these industry-leading products. As a result, we have developed a new line of spoolable composite products, which greatly expands application capabilities based on temperature, pressure and flow rate.


Fiberspar LinePipe is a Spoolable product  that consists of an inner thermoplastic pressure barrier that is reinforced by high strength glass fibers embedded in an epoxy matrix.  Fiberspar LinePipe  is intended for corrosive gathering and injection applications including general and sour produced fluids and gases.  Fiberspar LinePipe  is available with high density polyethylene or high temperature polyethylene pressure barriers with temperature ratings to 140 deg F, 180 deg F and 203 deg F.     

Features / Benefits

Pipe is supplied in continuous lengths up to 9000 ft. (2740 m) and is supplied on reels for rapid installation in most applications. Wear-resistant exterior layer provides excellent damage resistance during handling and installation. Connectors are designed to grip GRE structure, avoiding issues related to viscoelastic creep associated with thermoplastic materials. Connectors available in all standard configurations (flanged, threaded, weld-end, etc.) or custom connections can be supplied.


Temperature rated from -29°F up to 203°F (Fiberspar XT) continuous operation. Operating pressures 300 to 3,500 psi. 21 international patents awarded. Wear resistant exterior layer along with unique bonding layer between thermoplastic pressure barrier (internal liner) and true GRE structure. Pipe is supplied on reels to provide extended length between connection sites (minimal number of joints).


Size Range:
2″ – 6″ 

Inner Corrosion Barrier:
HDPE (Grade E) or HTP (Grade X and XT) neat resin 

Pressure Ratings:
up to 3,500 psi (24.1 MPa)

Pipe Construction:
Continuous Single-Angle Filament Wound with Anhydride cured Epoxy structure. Exterior jacket layer included. 

Temperature Range:
-29°F – 140°F (-34°C – 60°C) for E -29°F – 180°F (-34°C – 82°C) for X and -29°F – 203°F (-34°C – 95°C) for XT

Joining Method:
Mechanical – Flanged, Threaded or Custom 

Not Applicable/Corrosion Resistance Metallic as needed. 

Chemical Service:
All general services except solvents and aromatics.


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